About the Ministry


To Provide a wide range of services that makes a difference in the lives of others. Our purpose is to identify  the services that will support individuals, families, and businesses in making choices, setting, goals, and enriching their lives, to reach their full potential.


  • To provide a security and safety program that is committed to community service and giving back to the community.
  • To provide life skills training in prevention of youth pregnancies, safer home life environments, drug education, healthy lifestyles, peer pressure, and physical activities.
  • To provide self-development courses in decision making, confidence building, effective communication, Etiquette 101, self-esteem, lifetime wellness and other empowerment activities.
  • To provide educational sources in financial planning and budgeting, Dressing for success, job interview process, employment opportunities, and more.


 Our Community-Based Services:

  • Security and Safety Program
  • Life Skills Training Program
  • Self-Development Program
  • Educational Courses in Financial Planning and Budgeting

If you would like to participate in our programs and services, click HERE to complete the application form.